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                                                                                Be the best you can be for your age. 
Pyes Pa ReNew Clinic
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Another quality clinic by the owners of Pyes Pa Dentists. 


We have a trusted and well respected brand.   Our aim is to deliver world class service in a safe environment.   Our equipment is world class and we have invested in equipment and education to ensure comfortable dental and facial treatments. 


Services we offer in the ReNew Clinic is aimed at restoring youthfulness to your teeth and face. 

This is to create the best you for your age. 


Services include:

Dental hygienist


Teeth whitening

Facial rejuvenation  ("botox" and fillers). 

Dr. Estee Kriek is passionate about the facial enhancement and would like to work with you to discuss your needs. 

Her motto is always to restore your appearance to an age appropriate appearance. 

She wants all her clients to look the best they can for their age, without pushing the boundaries and looking for unrealistic results. 


Hope to see you soon at Pyes Pa ReNew Clinic. 


Many happy smiles. 


Dr. Estee Kriek and Pyes Pa Renew team

Dr. Estee is a member of AADFA